Giraffe Dinner Time

As part of my 18th birthday present back in November, my family brought me a Giraffe adoption and feeding experience at Chessington Zoo. We decided to leave the experience till later on in the year once the weather had improved from its dull and miserable conditions to something a little better. It was typical that the weather still decided to pour down with rain in the middle of August but that didn’t ruin the experience.












After a long day at the park, in the evening my sister and myself got taken with a small group of people to the private area of the Chessington Zoo where the giraffe enclosure was. After climbing the stairs to reach head height with the giraffes we were met with a platform which we could walk around on and get close up with the giraffes who were able to put their heads over the barrier to reach the food we were giving them as well as to get photos.











Giraffes have been my favourite animal for a long time and it was amazing to be so close to them and witness how beautiful they are. If anything the experience has made me want a pet giraffe even more (highly impossible I know but I can dream).

The experience lasted 20 minutes and was totally worth the money as when visiting the zoo its impossible to get up and close with animals in this way. I will certainly be returning to do this experience again as it was so great to be this close to my favourite animal.


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