I wasn’t really keen on the idea of visiting Italy when my family decided to book a holiday to Sorrento as I thought it would be boring and full of old people and couples. After hearing about how beautiful it was from a friend, I decided I needed to broaden my horizons and not judge a book by its cover.


This was the view from our balcony as we stayed at the ‘Conca Park’ hotel which is located at the bottom of the big hill in Sorrento. This location was perfect as the town was only a 5 minute walk whereas if you were further up the hill you would have to find transport or walk to reach the bottom. The hotel was beautiful and it is certainly somewhere I would go back and stay if I were to visit Sorrento again in the future.

We did a lot of exploring in the towns small streets where we found beautiful lemon biscuits, limonchello and ice cream. These streets were full of so many restaurants which I wish I could have tried as all of their food looked delicious. Sorrento also has a few ports and we took time to walk down to one of them to get a view of the sea.

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We also took a visit to one of Italy’s most famous places, Pompeii, to see the ruins of what was left there. It was (very) warm which made going around the site quite tricky but it felt insane visiting a place where so many people had previously lived there lives before such a traumatic act of nature happened.

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Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano in Naples and we got the opportunity to climb it and go to the top of the crater. The views up the top were beyond beautiful as it enabled us to see all over Naples. It was a lot of hard work in the heat but was totally worth it.




As a few days after we got home from Sorrento it was my Mum and sister’s birthdays we decided to treat ourselves and visit a restaurant in the town which was highly recommended to us by many and was known to be one of the best in Sorrento. As you walk into this restaurant it was like a giant greenhouse with plants everywhere and when reaching the top of the steps it opened up into a outside terrace with lemon trees and fairy lights overhead. In here we were lucky enough to bump into the Saccone Jolys who were also on their holidays!

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My family took a trip on our final day to the Amalfi coast where we saw some amazing views of the small town and got to experience such a beautiful (and dangerous) drive to such a beautiful place.



Sorrento is such a beautiful place and is somewhere I would love to visit again in the future. I hope to explore more of Italy and it be as lovely as here.




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