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Safe to say that my first week at university has been the busiest week I think I have ever had in my whole life. It’s involved multiple stumbling in’s at the early hours, no sleep and a lot of times attempting and failing to cook myself some dinner but university really is a great place to be.


I must admit there has been times when I’ve sat there and thought to myself “can I really do this? Am I going to be able to handle it? Is this really for me?” but i’ve managed to pick myself up and carry on. It’s certainly taught me many lessons such as that I am very dependant upon my parents and how hard it is to actually do things for myself and ‘adult’. By living in halls it’s allowed me to have my own independence and I would recommend this experience to anyone as I think even after my first week it has taught me a great deal about general life skills. I hope during┬ámy year here I will come out as a more advanced and independent person than I originally was when I first started.


It certainly feels as if I’m having something go wrong, embarrassing or just a general disaster every day whilst being here, but having my friends around me when my family and boyfriend aren’t always there by my side as much as they usually are is a great help. They pick me up a lot and really do help me in multiple situations which I am so thankful for.

Freshers is your usual ‘get pissed, miss lectures and stay out all night’ week but it really is a great week to make new friends, meet new people and explore what is around you. I’m extremely thankful for the fact I have such great flatmates, which does make a huge difference upon the way you look at things within your living enviroment. Repeating what I have said, after my first week I already feel as if university is really helping me develop.


But remember, first year doesn’t count so make the most of the fun! (but still pass)

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