BBC’s Our Girl

The BBC’s latest evening drama ‘Our Girl’ staring Michelle Keegan, had me glued to my screen watching episode after episode. I briefly started watching the first episode when it was originally aired but only watched the last half of the episode so was not paying much attention as I did not grasp the whole storyline. A couple of weeks later after settling into university I decided to sit down and catch up with the episodes I had missed. After watching the first episode properly I could not take my eyes of the screen and craved more from the show.

Taking over the role from Lacey Turner, Michelle Keegan did a great job as her character, Georgie, to follow on the success of the series. Turner’s character Molly was loveable but I found that Keegan’s character of Georgie had a similar likeably, therefore I did not miss Molly like I expected I would.

As much as I liked the storyline in the first series, it’s safe to say that the second series had much more of a gripping storyline due to the terrorism leading story alongside the love triangle of Georgie, Elvis and Jamie. The terrorism storyline was made to feel very realistic and scared me in a way as it proves how easily done such acts are nowadays. The reaction of the armed forces to this in the show really exposes to the audience how much ‘behind the scenes’ work they actually do in in reality in order to prevent such events from happening.

Being a huge ‘Skins’ fan before the series began, it made the programme much more enjoyable to see one of my favourite actors Luke Pasqualino. His character of Elvis created a love-hate relationship with the audience as it annoyed me he left Georgie at the altar at the start of the series but by the end I was longing for the characters to be reunited back together.

The series ended with Georgie returning back to Kenya to help out as a medic after she had handed in her resignation, ended her relationship with Fiancé Jamie and travelling in an ambulance with Elvis after he had just been shot. This left me with many unanswered questions such as is Georgie back in the army? What happened to Elvis after he was shot? Is she back with Elvis? Personally I’d like to have seen a better ending to the show due to how much I was gripped on it, as it always feels a little bit disappointing when a show ends how you least expect it too. Luckily the show is confirmed for a third series which is airing next year with Keegan as Georgie. Hopefully my unanswered questions will finally be answered and this series will be just as gripping as the previous one.

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