Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

After running out of Nars Sheer Glow, the struggle to purchase another high end foundation became a real struggle. It was always easier to pop into Superdrug and fall back into the same routine of using Rimmel Wake Me Up instead of paying £30 and waiting for a delivery.

This time around when I popped in I chose to opt for Revlon Colour Stay after having it recommended to me by a friend. After using Colour Stay for around 3 or 4 months I noticed that the foundation was quite tough to remove with micellar water from my skin and I would always have some remains of it left the next day. This was really starting to effect my skin as I would get under the skin spots come through from the residue of the foundation. As well as this, when washing my brushes I found the foundation was impossible to remove with my normal go-to baby shampoo and intact I had to use 2 or 3 lots of hair shampoo to remove the staining of the foundation, following by scraping it off my brushes if it was firmly stuck to the bristles. Not the kind of foundation you want.

After getting more under the skin spots and getting sick of scrubbing my make up brushes, I decided to stop being stingy and go back to my high end brands. After speaking to Elana who had recently purchased Too Faced’s Born This Way she recommended it to me.


Born This Way has always been a foundation I was excited about trying but its one of those foundations that costs so much you want to try out the colours to find which is best for you. After watching some Youtube videos and speaking to Elana, I decided to settle on purchasing the colour I normally buy in any drugstore foundations: ‘Ivory’.


When applying to my skin I did debate wether Ivory was the right choice for me as it looked like quite a yellowy tone which would be something I would usually avoid. But after blending into my face the colour is perfect and matches my skin well. It is a great foundation to build on the skin with as well as you can use it to create the coverage you require.

If you are looking for a medium/full coverage I would highly recommend!

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