After watching an old Lily Pebble’s vlog I saw that she wanted to take up calligraphy and watching her do it inspired me to take it up myself. I’ve always wanted to write in different styles but never had the time or skill to be able to do it.

I searched online for some worksheets instead of spending £9 buying the book I wanted from Amazon in case I decided I was going to change my mind. I found worksheets on the alphabet and some words on Google and found websites such as ‘ThePostmansKnock’ and ‘ByDawnNicole’ were great at giving ideas and inspiring my text.


I also browsed YouTube in search of some calligraphy videos and stumbled across ‘APaperellaStory’ who’s videos I found great and loved watching.

Currently I’m using pencil to write the words and a 25p ballpoint pen (bargain) from Wilko to define my letters as I want to practice before committing.

I’m going to continue with calligraphy and really try to use my skills I’m learning over Christmas to create cards and gift tags! After christmas I plan on investing in the book from Amazon and a proper ink pen to start learning more styles.

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