19 Great Things // Birthday Post

As I turn 19 today it’s only right that I look back on 19 great things that have happened this year, since my last birthday!

A Levels and School
The time that I had been absolutely dreading finally came. My last day of school. My last day of being a Sixth Former. School in the last couple of years dramatically changed for me. I felt closer to my teachers, was passionate about my subjects and had my friends around me every day. Knowing this was all coming to an end was so daunting for me as I hate change so much. There were times when it got a bit too much and I’d sit in my teachers office crying about how I didn’t want to leave and I wanted to stay at school forever (Sorry Phillip, you know I’d still be there crying if I could) but it was about time I grew up and continued with my life and education away from a school environment.

A-Level results day came around and I was so happy with my results and actually surprised myself with how well I had done. It was the first time I’d stood there and gone “Yep I think I can do University”.

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I’d say Prom has been the best night that I’ve had this year. Lots of Laughter. Lots of dancing and singing. Lots of alcohol. Lots of Cleo (literally). Spending it with my friends made it so special, especially as it was a ‘Final Goodbye’ event for us all compared to the previous prom’s which we have had before. It was such a wonderful evening that made me realise that I’m grateful for a lot of people over the past few years.


Keeping this short and sweet before it sounds incredibly cringeworthy which totally isn’t the plan. In March George an myself became an item (awful use of words but how else can I put it) and we’ve had such a great time ever since. It’s great to have someone who makes me happy, can make me laugh and crack a smile around me. And have a partner in crime other than Charlotte!


Exploring London
It’s safe to say I’ve taken exploring London into my own hands and researched so many quirky fun places to go when visiting. George and myself have stayed for a couple of a nights a few times this year and found some fun activities to do such as Swingers Crazy Golf, Cat Cafe (best not to ask) and Killer Cereal Cafe. We’ve had so much fun exploring these places and will hopefully find a few more to add to the list.



Booking America
Back in 2015, Charlotte’s family an d mine booked a holiday Florida together and we had the most amazing time and made such great memories. We always said we would go again together and this year we booked our second trip. We’re going to Florida again but also visiting Miami. I’m so excited to spend two weeks with my best friend again in my favourite place.


Everyone turning 18
Being the oldest in my friendship group, this year I saw all of my friends turn 18 and join me at last. A lot of nights out, meals and drunk memories marked the start of adulthood for us all.


My first holiday without my parents
A group of us booked a holiday to Zante back in January and it finally came around to flying in July. Before I even left the airport I cried because I was sos scared to be in a foreign country without my parents. I had a great time once I got out there and managed to survive a week without my parents, get on flights (thanks to Luke), and put up with Ben for a week.


I’ve rambled on about this in it’s own blog post but seeing Coldplay made my year. It was such a great show to watch and seeing them do their own tour had been a dream of mine and my Dad’s for a while so it was great to see them.


This summer was one of the best I’ve ever had. Finishing sixth form allowed me to have so many stress-free days which I used wisely. George and myself went to many places on mini adventures and made a lot of amazing memories. I cannot wait for next summer to do it all over again!



For my 18th Birthday my parents brought me a giraffe feeding experience as its something i’ve always wanted to do. Giraffe’s being my favourite animal made this experience even more exciting. My sister and myself got to spend time up close with the giraffe’s and it is something I’d do again any day. You can read more on this experience here.


I’m proud to be her best friend. She had achieved so much this past year with her modelling and appearing in Vogue?! It feels really cool to say your best friend is in Vogue. Totally my claim to fame. It’s shocked me at the confidence she has grown as I never thought someone so shy would be strutting her stuff on the catwalk at London Fashion Week? Mental. I’m proud. You go girl.


In August my family decided to take a trip to Sorrento which was so much better than I expected it to be. It was amazing to finally visit Italy and experience the food, culture and scenery. It was so totally different from the holiday’s we are used too and I loved it. You can read my full blog post on my visit here.


Disposables and Polaroids
A lot of my summer has been documented on disposable cameras and Polaroids which I totally love.  They may be a little expensive at times but they’re a great investment. Sometimes I’d rather use these cameras than my phone or digital camera.There’s just something about having hardback copies of photos that is the best. They’re something that I will continue to use and will treasure forever.



Making New Friends
Starting University meant that I had to make new friends and I’m so grateful for some of the people I’ve met in the process. I love meeting new people so this was a great experience for me. The people I’ve met I know will be life-long friends (Elana, Monique, Sophie, Brooke love you x)


In September I started a new chapter of my life and education and moved to University. This was big step from my normal life as I am a very home-y and hate change so being away from friends and family was a fear of mine leading up to it. I pushed myself to accept the change and I’m loving my course and the friends I’ve made in the process. You can read more on the start of my University experience here.


Travelling on my own
Never before have I traveled to and around London on my own and moving out and away from home allowed me to experience more than I’m used too. I get the train regularly to Reading to see George and I can actually navigate myself there and back like a proper adult (shock I know). This gives me the confidence and experience for traveling around London when I leave University to start my career as most of my jobs will be based in London.


Spending one of my favourite seasons finally being able to go out was great. Halloween is just the best excuse to dress up every year. This year I spent it with the best people and had such a good time. Credit to Elana for being the make up queen, you can read more on Halloween here and my first time pumpkin picking! 


Started Blogging and making videos
In the past year I’ve really taken it upon myself to dedicate time and effort to my blog and channel as it is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never had the confidence to progress with. Since getting my Mac I’ve found the programmes on it so helpful for assisting me with posts and videos and have helped me gain a passion for creating content for people to view.


Kickstarting My Career
I have always been certain that my career is going to be in the media industry but uncertain of what path it would take as I am so passionate about a variety of different things. I finally decided what I want to do since being at University and can’t wait to start placements and developing more to achieve my success.

Anyway, a Happy Birthday to me and a lot of love to everyone who I have mentioned!


  1. November 24, 2016 / 5:44 pm

    love you. happy 19th gal x

  2. November 26, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    Happy belated birthday! Hope your had a great day!

    • November 27, 2016 / 2:57 pm

      Thank you very much and I did thank! 🙂 x

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