The 1975 // Tour

Last night Charlotte, Lily and myself went to see The 1975 at the O2 Arena. This was the first time we had ever seen them live and were really looking forward to it.


Charlotte and Lily being massive fans were a bit more excited than me as I listen to some of their stuff but tend to turn off or skip when I hear a dreary song as I prefer their upbeat and rocky tracks. This meant throughout the show I did kind of stand there like I was the tragic Mum who didn’t know any words whilst my kids were having a great time, but despite not knowing some tracks it was amazing to watch them perform and see the atmosphere.


The band sounds exactly like they do on a track which I think is rare to find in artists now a days as majority are all auto tuned or are miming. The 1975 are true performers and put on a great show with so much energy.

The set for the show was simple yet so amazing. The graphics on the screen, the lights and the stage created an amazing view for the audience and is one of the best sets that I have seen for a while. They just kept it original and it was a great sight to see.


During ‘Chocolate’¬†and ‘The Sound‘ I thought I was at Glastonbury when looking down at the crowd who were standing whilst they were jumping and on each others shoulders belting out the lyrics.


This tour being their first arena tour was amazing to watch as you could tell that they never dreamed of performing their music to 20,000 people. As Matty’s eyes were welling up and he mouthed ‘Thank you’ to the crowd, you knew it was a special moment for them.


After watching the show its certainly made me realise how much I should listen to more of their songs and not skip the dreary ones. Well done The 1975 and Lily and Charlotte for converting me!

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