Morphe 35o Palette

FINALLY Morphe’s 35o palette came back in stock just in time for a Christmas gift to myself from myself (sometimes it needs to be done!). I’ve been looking at purchasing this palette for so long but whenever I went to buy it its been out of stock so my plan was to stick life without it for a bit longer and grab it when I go to America at Easter.


It was restocked on Monday and my delivery was at my house when I arrived home on Wednesday afternoon. The delivery service from BeautyBay is honestly one of the best I have ever used. I recently purchased another palette for Christmas from them and it also arrived quickly. A fear of mine is that the palettes will arrive smashed but BeautyBay being as great as they are bubble wrap them!

It was £21.99 with free delivery for the palette which I think is a great price for 30 eyeshadows at the level of quality they are.

Even looking at the palette puts a smile on my face because it includes all of the colours I could possibly ever dream about. The palette is my ideal palette as they are all shadows I know I will use and can experiment with. The colours are so autumnal and warm on the eyes.


They are incredibly pigmented shadows with a matte, satin or shimmer finish and do some out rather heavy if you apply a lot onto the brush, so I’ve found the gentler the better.

I’d highly recommend this palette or any Morphe palettes as they are of great quality and for the price you pay, are excellent quality.


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