Work Experience in London

This week I’ve been on an internship for a PR company in London. This has involved a lot of early mornings, late evenings home and being completely worn out from travelling.

I’ve always wanted to work in the city since a young age but since developing more on what I intended on my career to be, it’s become clear that I have to be in London. The jobs I want are located there so is a no brainer, as well as it being a place I already love to visit.

It’s taken me a few days to get the hang of timings and trains but we’ve finally got there in the end. Whoever tells me that I can’t make a train, I can safely say I can totally prove them wrong now with the skills I’ve picked up this week! Surprisingly enough, I’m more of a fan of the morning train routine than the returning one. Tubes are packed like sardines and usually I stand back and watch the little fish cramped into a tube but I’ve now turned into a fish myself. A claustrophobic one at that.


The company I’ve been with are located just around the corner from Oxford Street which is a great, but busy location. I’ve been doing jobs such as finding bloggers/vloggers/instagrammers/influencers to promote for a company, research for a money transfer app, creating e-shots to send to journalists, collecting products, packing samples to be sent, filling in databases and creating a presentation on the Men’s Fashion Week’s that have just happened, as well general office duties.

On Tuesday I had to go pick up some products from Piccadilly for the company which was an experience as usually when George and myself go to London I’m not allowed to navigate because I get us lost, so doing this on my own was an experience. I managed to get there and back with the items I needed, so I think I’ll be taking over the maps from now on!

After this experience I’d certainly go back as everyone is so friendly and it’s such a nice environment to work in. I’ve met some wonderful people within the industry who have helped me a great deal. If I don’t have a future in what I intend, PR is certainly another option I will take.

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