Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette

Ever since stumbling upon Maria’s blog I would always read her latest posts and one day she decided to post about Zoeva’s Caramel Melange Palette. I instantly fell in love with the palette and she sold it to me straight away. Being a fan of the Morphe 35o palette, Zoeva’s Caramel Melange reminded me of it straight away with their autumnal colours, so of course, it was a must have.


Again, Beautybay being the angels that they are, bubble wrapped my palette to protect it in the post. Delivery came surprisingly quick too which is another reason I love purchasing from their site.

The packaging for the palette is in a brown and shiny gold cover, similar to Cocoa Blend and Blanc Fusion, which slides of and leave you with a magnetic closing lid palette. The pattern on it reminds me of The Greta Gatsby era. Annoyingly, I wish Zoeva did not make palettes in this kind of cardboard material as I find they get battered easily. I’d happily pay a bit more for sturdier packaging such as the Naked 2 palette so I can ensure my eyeshadows are just a little bit more safer!


Zoeva palettes are so affordable and excellent value for money as they are such good quality and highly pigmented. My favourites from this palette would have to be ‘Liquid Centre’‘Universal Delight‘ and ‘Almost Burnt‘. Since having my Naked Palettes I have got into  shimmer shadows more, as before I never really touched them and played it safe as a matte girl. I find that ‘After Taste’‘181 Degrees’ and ‘Start Soft‘ do have rather orangey tones within them and are similar to the 35o palette.

I am yet to touch ‘Edible Gem‘ as I am a bit unsure on the darkness of the colour as it is kind of the odd one out in the palette. I look forward to finding other colours which go with it.


‘Wax Paper‘ is also an excellent colour to use as a highlight in the inner corners of your eyes or on the brow bone.

I highly recommend spending the £18 for this palette as it will not disappoint. You can purchase it from Zoeva here.

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