Busted // Night Driver Tour

Last week I got to attend Busted’s Night Driver Tour at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone with Charlotte, my Dad, Lauren and Dom. I previously saw McFly at this same venue many years ago, which was amazing as it felt so intimate being in such a small venue, so I was excited to experience my childhood band in the same light.

Ever since Busted have got back together, their performances never fail to bring me excitement and happiness as they played a big part in my childhood, being my first ever boyband and all that. McBusted was amazing to watch but there is something about seeing Busted back together again that cannot top it.


They played new tracks from their latest album Night Driver, as well as a few oldies to get the crowd going. Year 3000 never fails.

It was such a great show to watch and we all thoroughly enjoyed the band and the atmosphere within the venue. I wish more bands would visit smaller venues, it makes the concerts much more enjoyable and intimate.

Here’s to being taken back to my five year old self for one night.




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