My Driving Experience

I can tick passing my driving test off my list FINALLY! 3 cars, 2 instructors, 3 theory tests and 4 practical tests and we finally got there. It has been a bit of a bumpy (and expensive) ride but it has all paid off in the end.

Firstly, lets just say I was useless at theory tests. Remembering stuff is something I struggle with but using driving theory test apps are the biggest help! I took my theory test 3 times (I was a few points off each time before anyone thinks I was extremely bad) and finally passed.

I first started driving lessons in January 2015, just after my 17th birthday. I enjoyed driving but have always found it a bit scary. I think I had done around 25-30 hours of lessons before Instructor number 1 told me to apply for my driving test. I didn’t feel 100% ready but went in for it anyway. This being my first test, I did not know what to expect and the responsibility of being in control of the car frightened me so much. As soon as I left the test centre and turned a corner to be met with a roundabout I fell to pieces. I stalled the car  multiple times and even asked to abandon test because I hated it so much. The examiner told me to continue and it just got worse as I carried on. It was no shock that I had failed that test and this put me off driving for a while as I had scared myself away from wanting to sit behind the wheel.

Around four months passed and I got back into the car and picked up where I left off. Before this test I must have done nearly 70 hours, maybe more. I put in for my test again and failed, which was annoying after how much money I was paying for all these lessons. I left it a few weeks again before contacting my driving instructor but received no answer. It sadly turned out that driving instructor number 1 passed away. I had no idea what to do next and how to find another instructor.

Luckily driving instructor number 2 was recommended to me by my boyfriend and she kindly took me on. We did a around 10-15 hours, getting me back into the routine. I was told she couldn’t teach me any more as I already knew everything and it was time I put in for a test. So driving test number 3 came around and I drove the best I have ever done. Annoyingly I failed because of planning and awareness which was such a shame as I tried so hard.

I booked another test for the 23rd March and hoped that this would be the last time I had to take it. I was extremely nervous as I had been driving for so long, passing seemed so impossible. When I started driving, all of my nerves just went away and let me focus on what I needed to do. When I got back to the test centre and was told I had passed I did not believe the examiner at all. I was an amazing feeling and a massive sigh of relief to finally think all my hard work had finally paid off.

So yeah, watch out ladies and gents, I’m on the road now!

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