Hitting Hollywood

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard when you walk into Hollywood Studios gives you a magical sense that you have just walked into the land of film.



The Tower of Terror is one of the most iconic rides in the park and always looks so much fun. It is a shame I’m a bit of a wimp and afraid of heights really as this ride would be one of my favourites if I wasn’t!



It was of sad news to us that Hollywood Studios had discarded meeting Monsters Inc’s Mike & Sully – our favourite meet and greet with characters. They are using this land to build an extension onto the Toy Story Pixar Land that is currently there. A new rollercoaster based on the one that is in Andy’s bedroom in the film is going to be the main attraction. A ride for the three aliens is also being built too. I look forward to visiting this part of the park once it is completed.



We bumped into a couple of familiar faces when walking around. The lovely Lucy & Lydia were also in the park that day too. We stopped and had a long chat with them about so much. It was great to meet such warm and welcoming individuals who in real life, are exactly how they portray themselves on their channel. I’d have loved to have stayed talking to them for hours! Fingers crossed our paths meet again in the future, I would love to have them as friends!


Whilst hanging around waiting for our parents, we decided to do what good bloggers do… a photoshoot! We ended the night with the new Star Wars fireworks display that was projected onto The Great Movie ride.





Take a look at the video I made from this trip to Florida –

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