11 Countries in One Day

We visited Epcot which was decorated for Spring with the beautiful array of flowers and sculptures. Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast and the characters of Bambi were some of those made out of flowers for the celebration of the season. The park looked the best I have ever seen it with this display.



We tried different Cola drinks from around the world in one of the stores – Mango Pineapple flavour will always be a winner! This feature is great as it allows you to try these drinks for free without having to visit the countries.


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We visited each country, taking a look at the scenery around us. Obviously we had to make a stop at the United Kingdom! Once we had finished looking at the shops, we walked out into a courtyard area where there was a live band playing some old school British hits. We danced and sung like idiots in the middle of the square, standing out like the sore British thumbs that we are!


We finished the evening off by watching the fireworks over the lake in the centre of the different countries.


Take a look at the video I made from this trip to Florida –

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