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Since being at University I’ve found it hard to keep track of what is on TV where I’m so busy here and used to just coming downstairs and it being on. So, I’m trying my best to keep up with what’s on television but more so have found my love for Netflix become even stronger. I have narrowed down a few of my favourite TV shows that are on there.



Pretty Little Liars
It’s FINALLY back! After what feels like the longest wait ever, PLL has returned to our screens with the last 10 episodes. Ever. I started watching the show when I was 15/16 and it feels like it has been ongoing forever. I am so excited to see what the last episodes have in store for the Liars and to see what secrets are to be revealed. Can’t go wrong with a big of Haleb shipping too, would be wrong not too!

When I saw the Riverdale trailer I instantly knew that the show was going to be for me. I love a good whodunnit programme! I had seen it be compared to PLL so expected a school/teen edge to it. The actors in the show really are the best young actors I have ever watched in a show. I fell in love with KJ Apa (Archie) soon as I started watching (swoon). Cole Sprouse (Jughead) featuring was a selling point for me as he is an actor I have grown up with so it was a great feeling loving a programme he is in now just as much as I used to love shows he featured in as a kid. Leading ladies Camila Mendes (Veronica) and Lili Reinhart (Betty) are THE BEST. The casting directors did extremely well at putting such a great cast together. Every Friday in my life is Riverdale day!

I have re watched Skins time and time again because it is honestly one of the best TV shows that has come out of Britain. All the issues in each episode are so relatable to growing up and really represent the teenage struggle. Generation 1 and 2 are by far the best ones and totally worth the watch.

13 Reasons Why
I started watching this whilst on holiday and was glued to my screen. I wanted to find more and more out about the tapes and to finally reach Clay’s tape. The show really is quite an eye opener. After telling my boyfriend how good it is and making him watch an episode with me, I now have to wait to finish the series with him as he loves it just as much as I do! Trying my best to avoid any spoilers!

How to Get Away With Murder
After watching series 1 and being hooked I was so frustrated when the show ended on a cliff hanger and wanted more. I saw that series 2 was coming and being released later this year and it seemed so long away. When the notification came up on my phone from Netflix it’s safe to say it certainly put a smile on my face. The story continues of how Annalise, a law professor at a law school and her students get accidentally involved in a murder. Certainly a one to watch if you like your crime dramas. When my phone transferred into American Netflix whilst out there, I saw that series 3 is up. I am looking forward to it coming to UK Netflix!

Black Mirror
After seeing everyone raving about Black Mirror on Twitter, I decided to give the show a go and I was glued to the first episode. The show creates real life situations that could happen in the modern world and shows how things can go incredibly wrong. Every episode has a new storyline so you do not have to necessarily start from the beginning as you won’t miss anything. Black Mirror is a great way to get you thinking about life today and how one thing can dramatically change the way we live. I feel like the show needs a lot of concentration when watching but I’m certainly going to continue watching this series.


    • August 24, 2017 / 6:09 pm

      It’s so gripping! I couldn’t wait every week for the next episode. The next season looks SO good!

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