What I've Learnt in First Year

Since starting University back in September I’ve learnt a few things after completing my first year.

  1. Spoons is home. Pilchards are like your water.
  2. Whilst you are there MJ might want to stick his ore in your drink, politely decline this offer.
  3. Getting work done in advance is major help and a massive stress reliever. Don’t leave it till the last minute.
  4. Google Scholar is better than Library Search. Long live Google Scholar.
  5. Blueberry Vodka is the holy drink. Any sip of it and it will transport you back in time to freshers week when you had chocolate fingers up your nose.
  6. Get a mattress topper. Can turn any uncomfortable bed into a dream.
  7. The sooner you learn you can’t cook the better. Basic is the best. Always eat pasta, fajitas and anything chicken related.
  8. You will think you dislike your flat mates at some point. The later it gets in the year, the more you start to forgive them for the noise they made at 4am whilst you were trying to sleep and you won’t want to leave when it’s time to move out.
  9. Going to University with your best friend is a dream. Also living below them is a total life saver when you run out of toilet roll or washing up liquid.
  10. It is ok to walk around your accommodation in your pyjamas, dressing gown and giraffe slippers whilst carrying a block of cheese and a frying pan. Anything is acceptable.
  11. When Brooke comes into uni, it is a rare occasion.
  12. Group projects aren’t always group projects. They’re more than likely paired projects whilst others kick back and relax.
  13. Don’t rely on other people to get work done. Honestly, just do it yourself. Will save the hassle.
  14. Giraffes will eventually give birth it just takes ages. Watch live streams in lecture though, it wastes time.
  15. Nobody sticks to the jobs chart unless you’re about to get a fine. Nobody also wants to take out the bins so leave them to overflow.
  16. Travelling down the high street to the station with a suitcase attracts a lot of attention. Only do it when needed.
  17. Rob is the best lecturer in the world.
  18. Cleaning is the worst job. Leave your room in a mess until you really have to clean or if you’re having people over.
  19. Harry cannot be tidy to save his life. He does not know how to use a sponge and some soap. He will pile up his shit next to the skink until you cannot possible put anything more on there.
  20. If you don’t use the word wizard in conversation you clearly are not very wizard.
  21. Mc Donalds cheeseburgers solve everything after a night out.
  22. Ria can dance and pull it off in a club environment. Don’t try to copy Ria. You will look like a fool. Only Ria can Ria.
  23. Elana will get sick of you cooking her fajitas every week.
  24. You will have one really weird flat mate who never see but will boil broccoli at 4am.
  25. Any lecture before midday is classed as ‘too early’.
  26. Bron – BEANS!!!!
  27. The side door to the stairs of your flat will always be closed and locked when you want to avoid walking through the quiz. Just walk through in your big coat and bobble hat dragging your 7 bags and a suitcase in shame.
  28. You WILL lock yourself out of your room so many times that you lose count. Security will therefore hate you for making them come up to unlock your door.
  29. Harry has taught me that ANYTHING LITERALLY ANYTHING can be recycled.
  30. Harry has also taught me that if your toilet floods into your bedroom to not report any sign of mould, but to wear a beach outfit instead.
  31. Scooby Doo nights are a necessity.
  32. You can cook three pizzas and a garlic bread in a tiny oven.
  33. It is possible to nail the tactical “turn the shower on quickly and shut the door so you don’t get sprayed by the cold water” routine.
  34. “Ming” is a new word to add to the vocabulary.
  35. Glacken is a number between 7 and 8.
  36. Sam has a hidden identity, he is actually Ryan from High School Musical.
  37. If you’re a face of Bookworm, then you’re a lucky soul #bookworm.
  38. “I’ve got beef between my teeth” dance in public will never get old.
  39. Changing duvet sheets with Charlotte is now a sport and a social activity.
  40. Do not live next door to a club. Ever.

All jokes aside, I have really enjoyed my first year at University. I have met some life long friends since being there who make time spent there worthwhile. As the year has progressed I have not only changed as a person due to the people around me, but I have progressed in my work. My first ever assignment got me a 2:2 and made me realise I needed to push myself to get the grades I want. My final grades have come through with 1st’s, something I have desperately been trying to achieve all year. I wouldn’t have been able to adapt my writing style to be so academic without the help of Rob and Sophie helping me throughout the year.

My course has led me into investigating different paths I could take for my career. It has lead me to develop my ideas into practical projects I can work on in my spare time to add to my CV. I’ve been in contact with a variety of people and learnt that for my dream job I need a degree to even be considered, so I has confirmed for me that University was the right choice. I’ve also done my first proper London intern placement that has taught me I am certain I want to work in such a beautiful city.

Second year is an important year so fingers crossed I can carry what I’ve been taught over with me and it doesn’t get lost throughout the 6 months I have off for summer! Here’s to all the lovely people I’ve met this year, to Flat 4 and to completing my first year of University!















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