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This week BBC One aired a three-part drama called Three Girls, which is based on a true story about a child sex grooming case in 2008, which was disregarded by the Police for many years. Sexual Health worker Sara Rowbotham and the girls made authorities aware of what was happening in Rochdale, only to be ignored. It took the police four years to take notice of their reports and give the girls the justice they deserved. The series by the BBC reveals the true account on which these incidents happened and gives an insight to the trauma they had to live with.

Sex Trafficking – “sexual exploitation of children, and prostitution”.

Grooming – “befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child to lower the child’s inhibitions with the object of sexual abuse”.

Grooming and sex trafficking are major issues in the UK that are only recently coming to light and being tackled by the police. 1 in 20 children have claimed they have been sexually abused (NSPCC Statistics). Many offenders are still walking the streets today despite being named by those who they have abused. The ignorance by the authorities who have the power to put them behind bars is what happened in the story of Three Girls. Sex trafficking and grooming needs to be made a priority so they can prevent it happening to other children. But it isn’t just this that is happening. Child pornography, cyber abuse, explicit posting of photos and videos on the internet are still just as harmful and need preventing.

I have seen a lot on social media that parents are calling out for the footage from this show to be show in schools to enlighten and educate children about sex trafficking and grooming to prevent them from getting themselves into a similar situation. If parents are asking for the show to be shown in schools, I think their requests should be met as they clearly believe it is a topic that they want their children educated in. Schools teach children sex education, about how to be careful and consent. They do not teach children what to do in a situation where you are being forced into doing something you do not want to do. By editing this footage and showing specific parts in schools, it may be able to prevent a child from being groomed or trafficked.

The media have been publishing contrasting articles about the show being “hailed as a landmark” and being called “outstanding” by many, whereas others are calling it “too graphic” and “disturbing”. This series was made to bring to light the sex trafficking and grooming issues that are happening in the UK on a daily basis. They shouldn’t be classed as being graphic and disturbing as they are true events which people are ignoring. If ignored by authorities, a similar situation to the girls abused in this series will occur. It won’t just be one, two or three children being abused. It will be hundreds, as proved by the show. The BBC have used Three Girls to make people aware of these situations and how easily children can be led by adults into a situation which is not what they expected it to be.

Three Girls is such an eye opener that reveals how easily children can be lead into such situations. Credits to the BBC for such a well-made drama that has raised awareness about sex crimes.

You can watch the three part series here.

Video by BBC on YouTube {}

Information can be found at NSPCC:
Sexual abuse
Child trafficking
Grooming and child sexual exploitation

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