May Favourites

How are we in June already! JUNE! Half way through the year, it is crazy! I thought it would be about time that I start writing about my favourites for the month. I tend to have so many I forget so from now on I intend to start writing them down as the month goes along.


Safe to say everyone knew that Harry Styles going solo was going to be a major success. I am in love with is new album, every song on there is great and it is nice to see him releasing his own music and putting his edge on it. My favourite has to be Kiwki! We were lucky enough yo get tickets for his tour in October which I’m extremely looking forward too.


Since being back from America I haven’t wanted to touch this palette as it is just too pretty. I finally grew a pair and stuck my make up brush in and I totally love it! I’ve been wearing it every day for the past couple of weeks and I’ve found the shadows to be of a good pigment. They’re an amazing set of colours which I find easy to blend.


I love a good Primark sweater. I’ve found that Primark are nailing the more casual jumpers and they are also super affordable which makes them even better! I brought this pink one for £5 before I went on holiday last month and I’ve basically lived in it ever since. The pink is such a spring/summer colour and actually adds a different shade to my wardrobe which I usually tend to stay away from!


Whilst I was on work experience, I was given the S Factor Stunning Volume Shampoo & Conditioner as party of my thank you goodie bag. I have always wanted to try the S Factor haircare range as I’ve heard good things about them. The shampoo and conditioner works great on my hair and honestly smells like Pina Colada – total dream.


I hate wearing nice expensive perfumes when I’m just going to work as I feel like it is a waste so purchased Zara Black as recommended by Charlotte. For £6/7 it is amazing. The smell is vanillary and musky which I love for all year round.


Every Friday I was waiting on Netflix for a new episode of Riverdale. Oh my god did it live up to my expectations or what. I found the story line so gripping, especially towards the end as it was a bit of a whodunit. Oh and I love a bit of Archie.

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