Cake And Milkshakes 

I love little tea shops and anything afternoon tea related, everything is just so cute and perfectly arranged. I saw on Instagram that a few people I know had visited Cocolicious in Cranbrook High Street and I instantly knew it was going to be a shop for me! We visited the little tea shop to be treated with a smiling face, beautiful crockery and pastel pink and white interior heaven.

Spoilt with choice for cakes, we decided to settle for a slice of chocolate cake and another of blueberry cake. The cakes were perfectly homemade, with the perfect icing-to-cake  (nothing worse than too much sickly icing!).

As well as a cake, we got some milkshakes too! The pink milkshake is Eat’n’Mess, a strawberry milkshake with cream, covered with sauce, sprinkles and meringue. The blue is a bubblegum milkshake topped with cream, sauce and strawberry millions. These milkshakes were certainly worth the money as they tasted delicious. Cocolicious do change their milkshakes to a different variety every so often so head down there soon to try these flavours! There was also an AMAZING doughnut one too!

Cocolicious is the perfect little village tea shop to sit in and have a slice of cake and a drink. I’d love to see more shops like this is high streets as they are so intimate and unique to a village. I’ll certainly be coming back to visit and to indule myslef in more cake and yummy treats! Check out their website at to see more mouth-watering pictures of cakes and take a peak at their menu!

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