My Love For Kate Spade

Whilst I was on holiday in America last month, I was certain I was returning back home with some Kate Spade purchases! Ever since I visited America 2 years ago, I regretted not buying myself some Kate Spade as it is MUCH cheaper than buying it here in the UK. The desperation for one was getting the better of me as I pondered into the Kate Spade stores in London, drooling over the £200 purses and expensive price tags of the bags. I saved more money than I did on the previous trip so I could pop into the store and bring some Kate Spade into my life!

We visited the Florida Mall and I was running around the store like a mad woman, picking up so many things that needed to be brought. In the end I settled for this blue Cameron Street Lacey purse which worked out at £70 (big difference from £200!). I’m not really about a boring black purse and love my bright colours so I knew the blue was the one for me! The purse is simple and smart which I absolutely love about it. I really am not a person who loves sparkles, I’m very much a plain kinda gal so for me it is perfect. The purse is a bit longer and wider than what I’m used too as it is an American size. The inside is a total purse-storage dream. There is room both sides to put your cards, as well as two slots behind to store receipts, vouchers or anything of your choice. Three unzipped compartments are in the centre, I use this to store my notes and my £1/£2 coins. In the middle is a zipped compartment which I use for the rest of my coins. The purse fits perfectly into most of my bags, small bags are a bit of a tight squeeze but still does the job!




I decided I didn’t want a matching bag and purse as I knew I wanted a black bag as they are incredibly smart and I intend on using this bag for important occasions due to the amount it cost me, so it does not get totally trashed like cheaper bags. The bag was £149 which is a bit of a difference from the $359 price tag it had on it originally! The bag is spacious and can fit everything I need in it. It came with a strap which I can attach to make it an over the shoulder bag instead of it being over my arm.






Making these purchases in an outlet store saved me so much money! I recommend if you visit America to pop into Kate Spade to do a bit of shopping.

Have you got any Kate Spade favourites?

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