The Importance of Work Friends

In a work place you cannot chose who you want to work with and who you are going to get along with. In certain jobs you’ll be faced with some complete idiots but in others, you make friends for life.




After working in retail for nearly three years, I see people walk in and out of the doors all the time. Over that time I’ve made so many friends who will remain friends for life who I may not have met if it wasn’t for my job.




I’ve learnt that work may not be the most fun place for everyone but even the worst situation can be made into something funny. The job you really don’t want to do can eventually be made fun with a bit of music or a dance. The frustration, annoyance and ranting that comes with a retail job is overpowered by the laughter and smiles of people making your time there a little bit more bearable.




I’ve narrowed down why work friends are THE best:

  1. They always have your back in every situation
  2. They understand every rant about the work place and your colleagues
  3. We all trust each other enough to say if an idea is shit, which is majority of the time
  4. They’re just as weird as you
  5. Their banter is the best banter
  6. Everyones thrives off food and snacks
  7. They’re born performers in dancing and singing
  8. They’re also born alcoholics





I think friends in the work place are people who need to be appreciated more. It is true what they say, team work makes the dream work (eventually!).

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