How To Survive GCSE's and A Levels

Looking back on when I had exams at school makes me realise how extremely organised I was with revision and spreading my time evenly between subjects. GCSE exams I found were a lot more stressful than A Levels as there were exams for every subject, whereas A Levels I was able to focus my time on only one. I have wrote a few tips for how to make revision a lot easier and how to ensure focus on one subject at a time!



When studying for so many different subjects with multiple exams within them, I found the easiest way to keep my revision organised and easy to find was by purchasing multiple folders so I could have each folder dedicated to a subject. I’d write my notes down and hole punch them and put them in an order with the topic title at the top of the page so it was easy to locate. Each different topic within a subject that required a different exam, I would separate the notes by using dividers. I found this way of revising extremely handy as all my notes were made easy to find and did not mean I had to search through millions of bits of paper in order to find the one I need.


Sticky notes were key to all of my exams. I’d stick them around my bedroom with small facts on such as dates I needed to remember or key definitions and their meanings. This method was so helpful to me as I found I cracked down on learning them a lot harder and it made them stand out much more than just reading out of book. I loved using the Busy B mini sticky notes* as they come in a variety of sizes which is great for using them to mark pages or to write any extra things you need to know.



Mind maps are the most simplistic way of getting a lot of information down and making it look like there is not so much on the page. I used this method for all of my subjects and even use it now for note taking at University. I find my brain works best this way. By putting a key topic in the centre and writing the facts about it is a good way to ensure everything you need is written down. Once doing this I would try to remember the facts by writing it out multiple times and then putting the copied ones aside. I would then write what I could memorise. Mind maps were a great help throughout my time at school and are great to make colourful and pretty too if you’re a perfectionist like me! Chroma have great notebooks* as you can personalise them how you wish. I chose to get my name printed onto mine so it can’t be mixed up with anyone else’s and I can keep my mind maps safe!


Using a timetable to plan my revision made everything a lot easier as I could dedicate a certain amount of time to a specific subject or topic. When revising for multiple subjects it helped me the most as it allows you to split your time evenly across the week, ensuring you have revised everything. I used the Busy B weekly planner* to organise the week ahead and it even comes with magnets too so you can stick it onto the fridge!

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