New Technic Products In My Makeup Bag

I was delighted to receive a package from Technic Cosmetics which was full of their makeup staple goodies for me to try out. I have always heard good things about Technic as they are an affordable and good quality drugstore brand.


One product I found really hard to use was the Get Gorgeous bronze highlighting powder* which for me was too dark. Despite the product looking beautiful in its packaging, I found this product quite hard to blend and it looked more purple when blended in which was extremely strange! I think I’ll stick to my normal bronzer and highlighter from now on.


The Mega Matte’s palette* is an ideal palette for me as it is full of nude brown shades which are my favourite to wear on an everyday basis. I enjoyed using this palette as it is in a similar style to my Naked palette’s by Urban Decay. The colours were bendable and pigmented and did not rub off throughout the day.

Recently my mascaras have been drying out and I’ve been on the hunt for a new one to make my lashes look fuller and not so much like little sticks! This is when Mega Lash* came to my rescue. I love using this mascara as it makes my lashes look a whole lot fuller as is also waterproof too (bonus!).


I love a matte blusher as being sparkly is not really my thing, so the Superfine Matte Blusher* was right up my street. I love the fact it includes three different shades of pink as well as one as it gives my cheeks so much more colour than just a one shade blusher.

This was my first time using a Primer Spray* and it has become part of my everyday routine to spray my face with this stuff. I find it makes my make up last longer than it normally would on a day to say basis. I don’t find it to be oily and greasy as well, it sinks into the skin perfectly.


In autumn I love a berry lip with an everyday makeup look so this shade in the Juicy Stick* instantly reminded me of an autumnal day. I LOVE matte lipsticks so much better than ones with a shimmer, so I was very relived to find that this lip crayon was a matte. I have never used a chunky lip crayon before so I am excited to start using this one when the weather gets a bit crisper.

What is your favourite Technic Cosmetics product?


If an asterisk (*) features then the product has been sent via a brand or marketing team.

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