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Behind the scenes since I started University I have been working hard on helping other bloggers with their blogs, social media and their collaborations with brands. Nearly a whole year on and I’ve finally finalised my own brand to represent them. With my four clients in the bag, Natalie Amos Digital Talent is born!

I’d like to thank a few of my friends who love to write, take photos and have the ability to be big on social media and the blogging world for letting me take control and work alongside them to create some great collaborations and exciting projects.

I’m having great success with this project and cannot wait to see where it takes me in the future as the whole point of setting this up was to get work experience from the comfort of sitting at my desk at home. Voluntarily doing this work gives me more experience and has helped me understand how PR and digital talent works.

So head over to Natalie Amos Digital Talent or check us out on Twitter and Instagram to see what exiting things we have all been getting up too!Portable Network Graphics image-C28EC246AB12-1

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