University Worries

If you got your results and you got into University, then congratulations and welcome to the life of a Fresher!

I am going into my second year and the feeling of starting somewhere new is a big step, especially when it is away from the norm and you have more adult responsibilities than ever. It is normal to be worried and apprehensive about what is to come as I experienced the same when I started. I’ve used my experience to help advise a few of the main university worries some of you may have.


Making Friends

Making friends is probably one of the easiest things to do when starting university because literally EVERYONE is in the same boat as you. Everyone is on their own and wants a friend so therefore will speak to anyone. I think everyone should go in with the mindset of being friendly and open to who you meet wether it be on your course, in your halls or just around the campus.

I was lucky enough that I went to a local university so I knew a handful of people already  but by joining groups on Facebook for Freshers, my halls and my course, I managed to locate my flatmates and course mates which meant I could get to know them prior starting. I’d certainly recommend joining these groups as they are a great way to make friends without the awkward face to face introductions.

Moving Out and Away From Home

Moving out and away from home is very daunting, especially if it is in an area you are unfamiliar with but there are so many fun sides of it that make it worth it. I was the next town along and still missed home and missed the norms of going to school, seeing my friends and family every day. I didn’t really like it overall as I am a bit of a ‘home gal’ myself but I have to admit moving away from home was exciting as it meant I could live by my own rules. If you have the opportunity to move out, even if it is just in first year like me, then I recommend it.

The Workload

People think uni is just a ridiculous amount work but for first year it is not actually too bad. I wouldn’t say that I was drowning in work as I kept on top of it and it was my priority but you can feel like you’re drowning in it when you have multiple projects going on at the same time. This is when you have to be organised. The most important thing is that you put your work first as that is what you are there to do, not socialise.

Going Out

Make the most of going out in Freshers Week, I felt like a madwoman out every night in comparison to my granny behaviour now! Like I just mentioned, put your work first as you are there to get a degree, not to socialise. Going out is a lot of fun but it is important that you don’t feel pressured by your friends to go out when you have an essay due the next day you haven’t started or an important lecture. It is ok to say no sometimes, you won’t miss out on much!

Adult Responsibilities

Probably the worst part about being at uni is that you have to take responsibility of everything as your parents are not there to save you. Cooking, cleaning, washing, organisation, all that jazz is down to you. It comes with time and (a lot) of practise. Don’t just give up and leave your washing and live off of Super Noodles!


Student loans look like the best thing ever when they first go into your bank but once your accommodation is taken out and you’re left with about £30 if that to live on for a month. Budgeting is so important when at uni to save yourself from getting even more in debt and to make sure that you have enough money to buy yourself the weekly shop.


Meeting the people you are living with for the next year can be scary as you hope they’re all lovely and you get on. Sometimes this is not the case, you’ve got to remember you are just a bunch of people that have been thrown together so it is normal if you don’t instantly get on. In other circumstances, you may have found the best friends you could have ever asked for! Just be open, respect other people and spend as much time together in the flat as you can. It’s all about bonding!

Do you have any other University worries?

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