35 School Memories

Looking back on school I had the best time with my friends and created memories that I’ll never forget. When stumbling across some old photos earlier on today, I thought this post would be a great one to reminisce on the good times and laughter we had. Hope this puts a smile on your face if you’re in this (long live Alcohol = Motivation).

1 .House parties were THE best parties. We had so many and every single one resulted in something hilarious happening and being the talk of the group for weeks, months and now years.

2. The whole girl group would buy a new outfit for every house party as we had to look different in all the pictures. There would be the “what are you wearing on Saturday?” chat every week which resulted in many ASOS and New Look purchases being made.


3. The Common Room was the place of worship. We had our own corner and it was our corner. We did not appreciate those from other groups assembling in our zone and when they did it brought out the evil glares from across the room.

4. Christmas and Halloween parties made Year 12. Being under 18 meant pre drinking which required us drinking as much as possible and when the alcohol started to wear off, going into the toilet and drinking whatever bottle you had put in your bag out of teachers sight.

5. It isn’t a party without a slut drop.

6. A bottle of Cactus Jack was at every party/event/social gathering as Sourz was too expensive and we were on a Sainsbury’s budget.

7. We all learnt the valuable lesson of not leaving purple thongs in other peoples cars.

8. London Bridge by Fergie is iconic.

9. When we all told Ben that Alexia’s Birthday Party was fancy dress when in fact it wasn’t and he turned up as a Hawaiian Man in swimming trunks, sunglasses and flip-flops. He also made us fake tan him earlier on in the week to get the ‘god bod’.

10. Phillip was basically another member of the group, minus the fact he was our careers adviser.

11. That time when Cleo demanded a bath at a party and refused to get out of it.

12. When we organised a camp out in The Warren and it all went horribly wrong and we ended up in tents in Maddy’s garden and Liam slept on the pavement.

13. Red cups were a party essential.

14. When Ben plagiarised his English coursework only to be found out.

15.Every single day of summer was spent down at The Ridge. We played football, got bread from the Co Op and drank down there till it was pitch black.


16. Going into school every day knowing that Ben was going to say or do something stupid made going in worth it.

17. When Cleo got shouted at by the DJ at Prom for being too drunk and he stopped the disco.

18. Was it a shit or was it a Mars Bar in Ben’s sink? Still to this day nobody knows.

19. When Josh got so drunk he thought he was fighting in the war and cried when back fell over because he thought he had seen shot.


20. Shetland pictures were required at every party.

21. A whole lot of bae lovin’ on the bae lovin’ swing chair.

22. Cleo’s gold nails were found weeks after the party was over.

23. Gullet became a common word in our vocabulary and the popular phrase was YOLO TOLO.

24. When we had the task of painting a massive self portrait in Art and everyone kept asking Cleo why she had painted Adele.

25. ANX became an undercover name for 2 years of Sixth Form and still to this day ANX will be known as ANX.

26. That time we held a festival in Maddy’s garden (Mary’s Bash).

27. When Ben got so drunk and we had to hold him up and he later fell asleep on Alexia’s sofa for hours.

28. Lydia was everyones hair stylist doing plaits as we were all useless.

29. Did someone say Nick Jonas – Jealous? Is it Gospel Version?


31. When Alexia got grilled for using “slut” to describe a character in English Lit.

32. When Nun O’Clock was a thing (along with Cleo’s love of boarders).

33. When Cleo wanted a polaroid of us on GCSE Results Day and the Burger King man took a picture of the ceiling.

34. That time we did secret Santa and lions, The Lego Movie and a framed picture of Em and her boy were involved.

35. If there was a Photo Booth around, we made sure we dominated it.



  1. September 11, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    Aw, this is a super cute post. Sounds like some epic memories. I remember when my friend taught me how to slut drop. Those were the days haha.


    • September 11, 2017 / 5:10 pm

      Thank you so much! Wish I could relive some of them, school was the best don’t you think? How did slut dropping even become a public thing?! Haha!

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