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Before going on holiday, I was in contact with Cancer Research UK who asked if I would like to be part of their Own Your Tone campaign. I couldn’t say no to such an important and relevant topic that needs to be brought to people’s attention more.

Melanoma, or most commonly known as skin cancer, is the fifth most common cancer in the UK. Majority of those who are diagnosed with this cancer can recover and most of the deaths are preventable. This campaign has been set up by Cancer Research UK to educate young people and encourage them to protect their skin from the sun.

You may think that a bit of sunburn is ok and won’t affect you but it is true what they say, it can happen to anyone. My Nan used to spend most of her time in the garden over the summer months, she loved gardening and loved making it look beautiful with plants and flowers. Sometimes her ‘five minutes up the garden’ could turn into hours and during this time she did not use suncream. She was diagnosed with Melanoma and had to have it removed from her face which resulted in a scar on her forehead where they had to remove the cancer. After seeing the damage that the sun can do first hand, I try my hardest to ensure that I do the following three things to keep my skin protected.


The sun is at its strongest between 11am-3pm so it is important that during these key times that you seek some shade wether it be under umbrellas, inside a building or under a tree. The shade is there to prevent the UV rays from getting to your skin.

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When you are in the sun during peak hours, where it is most likely you will get burnt, it is best to ensure that you are covered up to protect your skin. Covering your shoulders, which are a key place that likes to burn if you are like myself, is a great way to prevent damage. Wearing tops or dresses that protect the shoulders are a great way of creating a barrier from the UV rays. It is important that the materials are not mesh or lacy as the rays can still get through.

Sun glasses are a great accessory to protect your eyes for the sun as well as being a great touch to an outfit.

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Before flying out, I managed to purchase a Fedora hat to protect my face from the sun. This was such a great purchase as my face usually catches a bit of sun but this time I managed to steer clear thanks so my hat! Any wide brimmed hats are great for shading your face and also look great too!

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Using SPF 15+ / UVA 4* + is the best way to protect your skin from the sun and stay safe. Using no sun cream or tanning oil to try and get your perfect tan is highly dangerous. A tan may mean you look good but it is actually your skin letting you know that it is trying to protect itself. Make up with SPF in it is also not as protective as you think it is. You might think lugging a bag around whilst on holiday is a pain, but carrying a bag big enough for sun cream is an essential. Beach bags are usually under €10 abroad or you can get one before you travel. I find having a big beach bag really helpful to store suncream and other bits and bobs too.


You should feel confident and should embrace the natural skin tone you have and believe that its more beautiful and healthier than having a tan. If you use the three key messages to keep yourself protected from the sun then you are doing a great job at protecting your skin from any damage and preventing yourself from being at risk.

For more information on the #OwnYourTone campaign and the sun, please visit Cancer Research UK.


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