I’ve decided after being inspired by Hannah Gale to start a ‘Weekly Charts’ section to my blog where I chat about what has been going up in my world this week, and of course what has been going down. Basically a bit loving and a bit of not so much loving!

So here it is, my first weekly chart….


Cherry Bakewells – Ok, I haven’t had a Cherry Bakewell in donkeys years and I have no idea why but they were on my mind so I had to get my Mum to fore fill my needs and grab them when she went shopping. Oh my lord like since when were they that good?? I totally forgot where they belong on the cake scale in my life and that is now at the top. I think Cherry Bakewell’s are really underrated if I’m honest. People need to appreciate them more.

Autumn – Is it officially Autumn yet?? No, I have no clue either but it sure as heck feels like it with this weather. Nothing makes me happier than crisp leaves crunching under my DM’s whilst I swoosh around in my thick fluffy scarf with my bobble hat on. Pure happiness.

Dr PawPaw – I have been using Dr PawPaw for the past week and damn that stuff is good. I had never heard of it before unit it arrived in some blogger mail but it is doing my lips wonders. Also who knew you could use it for other weird and wonderful things like dry irritated skin, cuticles, cracked skin and nails? Love a bit of multipurpose.

Film Cameras – I had my photos printed from my holiday this week and there sure were a lot of them. There is just something about holding a hard copy of a photo in your hand that cannot be beaten by anything digital. Also the excitement of waiting for them to be printed is like Christmas because who knows whats on the camera!


University – It is that dreaded time of the year again, the straight is approaching for starting University again and I could not thing of anything worse. Don’t get me wrong I love being around my friends and studying my degree but I am not prepared for the stress of second year where things actually count towards your final grade. Count me out.

Instagram – This week I’ve really been struggling with my blogging Instagram. Literally nobody wants to follow anyone back these days. It is all about numbers. Personally I think it is just snobby and rude, a follow back won’t shut down your blog. People make out the blogging world is accepting and all that jazz but it certainly needs to be upgraded in terms of Instagram.

Back to Reality After A Holiday – Probably the most depressing feeling in the world. Coming back from paradise and back into the world of stress, work and more stress. I’d do anything to be sat on the beach with a cocktail. I don’t think I’m cut out for reality.

Electric Toothbrushes – This has been playing on my mind for a while so can we just talk about electric toothbrushes for a min. Random I know but needs to be done. How fast do the things run out of battery!? It is ridiculous. I could charge it all day and get about 2 days use out of it. Please can someone invent one that does not require ridiculous charging amounts!

SWIMSUIT – Jack Wills // HAT – Topshop

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