Chocolate Treats With Monty Bojangles

I love nothing more than sitting down of an evening watching a good bit of telly with a cuppa tea and a snack. As it is getting more towards the autumnal/winter months it is safe to say my tastebuds are changing and they are calling for more chocolate to help overcome the miserable weather! Monty Bojangles were kind enough to send me over some of their truffles* to cater for my chocolate needs.


The Taste Adventures Treasure Box includes the assortments of 4 different flavours of truffles such as Choccy Scoffy, Scrumple Nutty, Berry Bubbly and Flutter Scotch. I was surprised to see so many truffles in the box as normally brands can be quite sparing in terms of how many they put into a box. I think this is the perfect amount!


I’d have to say my favourite truffles have got to be the Flutter Scotch as I’ve got a sweet tooth for Butterscotch. I have eaten all of the Butterscotch already….whoops!


The box is also such a great idea for a gift too, especially if you are not sure what flavour truffles to buy someone. I shall certainly be purchasing a few boxes to give as Christmas gifts!

The style of the packing is one of my favourite features about Monty Bojangles as it is always so whacky which makes it even more eye catching on the shelf. I was so relieved to find that the truffles are all wrapped in their own individual wrapper as it makes storing and eating them so much easier.


If you need to grab a birthday present or you are getting stocked up on christmas presents then I’d certainly recommend a box of these truffles! The Taste Adventures Treasure Box is now available in Sainsburys.

If an asterisk (*) features then the product has been sent via a brand or marketing team.

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