5 Things You Can Do This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is not only the month to start putting on your scarves and crunching leaves underneath your boots but it is a very important month in terms of Breast Cancer Awareness.

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer and this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning 5000 women will be diagnosed. Breast Cancer Care are taking October into their own hands by using the whole month to fundraise and raise awareness. This year they are also celebrating 25 years of the Pink Ribbon, the symbol that people can instantly recognise as being related to Cancer.

There are 5 things YOU can do to this Breast Cancer Awareness Month to to fundraise and to raise awareness.


A ‘Big Pink’ is a great way to get friends and family together to raise some money. It is your own fundraising event that you can hold in any way you like! From a tea party, to organising an actual party, gathering friends to wear pink – you are in control of your fundraiser.

Breast Cancer Care have a whole range of ideas over on their website, including the fundraising packs and any extra bits and bobs you might want to order to add the finishing pink touch to your fundraiser.


One great way of showing awareness without spending too much money is to purchase a Pink Ribbon. You can always find these pink ribbons in your local supermarkets and in some high street stores. They are usually £1/2 each and make a great fashion accessory to a bag or coat as well as raising awareness.

This year Breast Cancer Care are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Pink Ribbon and have an exclusive limited edition pin on sale on their website.


Sharing a relative or a friends story is a good way of raising awareness as it educates people about Cancer. On the Breast Cancer Care website you can read some amazing stories people have written about Breast Cancer Journeys on their blog.

Two stories that particularly I found very moving were Ann and Kirstie’s. I highly recommend giving them a read and sharing your own stories about breast cancer with Breast Cancer Care.


It is very important that you known the symptoms of breast cancer and what to look for. Being familiar with your body and how it feels as well as looks is vital. If there is something concerning you, speaking to someone who is part of Breast Cancer Care or a doctor is the best way to seek help.

Checking your breasts is something that should be done regular, no matter your age. Breast Cancer Care have released this poster to educate people on how to check yourself if it is something you inexperienced doing.



As well as holding your own fundraiser, Breast Cancer Care also hold their own walks, runs, bike rides, swims, sports/activities and plenty more as a way to raise money. They are amazing ways to keep fit as well as fundraising.

If this is more your cup of tea then I recommend heading onto their website to see what events are being held locally near you and gett involved.

I hope you use some of these ideas to raise awareness and fundraise this October! For information on Breast Cancer Care, please visit their website.

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