Good day folks, I am (very) aware that my weekly charts have turned into fortnightly charts at the mo and are not even being posted on the right day. This is due to my blog theme and the way it will look if I post it weekly and it sends shivers through my spine at the though of a dodgy looking homepage. So for the meantime, fortnightly(ish) charts will be what I am aiming for whilst waiting for my blog to get a revamp but news on that coming next month.

Last week I was soaking up the sun in Cyprus on a family holiday which is exactly where I’d love to be right now instead of sitting here wrapped in a blanket.

Lets crack on with my weekly (fortnightly) chart.


Unlimited Cocktails – All inclusive is a choice than can never be wrong. The cocktails in Cyprus were ridiculously good. My new favourites have to be a Bora Bora and Caribbean Crush. Highly rating. I even want a cocktail shaker for home now so I can remake them!

Poached Eggs – I’ve never tried a poached egg (shocking I know) until this holiday and I actually really enjoy them. So poached eggs will be introduced to my life as of now and I shall learn how to attempt to make one which I’m sure will be a real success (hence the sarcasm)

Kiss Lashes* – I received a couple of pairs of these in the post when getting ready for a wedding this weekend and I thought, why not? I haven’t worn lashes in so long and if we rewind back to when I was 18 they were ‘cool’. You’d wear them clubbing all the time but my eyes are so sensitive and they used to come off and make me look like I had been crying all night. The Kiss Lashes did not irritate my eyes the whole day, it was a break through!! Finally some lashes that my eyes/eyeballs love!

Concert Tickets – Was very fortunate last week to grab some tickets to see Niall Horan and The Foo Fighters for next year. I am so excited to see them both perform and have a great time with my favourite people.

Gemma Collins at Teen Awards – Sorry but had to be done. That fall is one of the most spectacular I have seen in a while and I am so glad that it was recorded from multiple different angles. Truly brilliant.


The Sunburn Fear – The fear of getting burnt on holiday leaves me terrified. Oh am I red, am I getting burnt?? Is that sunburn or is that where my bikini has been sitting?? The stress is endless.

Getting a Cold – Currently suffering with a tickly cough and a very snotty nose. Not exactly what I planned to catch on holiday but it doesn’t appear to be shifting anytime soon so for now its another box of tissues for me!

Finding The Time to Write – I’m trying to write a diary but it is failing miserably. I keep missing days and then totally give up on the whole idea. Sometimes when life is too busy I forget but I’m starting to get diary guilt. Maybe I’ll start in the new year…


If an asterisk (*) features then the product has been sent via a brand or marketing team.



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