Something New

As you may have seen from opening this post, something looks a little bit different…

Finally I made the move to self hosted!

Ho-flipping-rah, it was about time. I’ve been contemplating the move for some time now but I was absolutely terrified of being out of my depth and finding myself worrying if the investment would be worth it. Last week I finally plucked up the courage and made the purchase and I couldn’t be more chuffed with how it looks.

Working out how to use the different dashboard and customisation tools has been a bit of a chore and has been challenging but I’ve managed to pick it up so far. I’ve still got plenty to learn!

I’d love to say a massive thank you to Pipdig who has been a technical magician in terms of installing things and just being a star. I highly recommend Pipdig and his services if you are considering the move to self hosted.

I thought it would be helpful as to give a bit of an explanation to the new things you will be seeing on here.

Lifestyle now how has a variety of sub categories. I have made The Weekly Chart it’s own section so everyone can view what I’m loving and loathing much easier. Instead of being mixed in with my travel posts, Days Out is now registered under Lifestyle. You will even be able to find a new feature under here! As I am nowhere near the stage of being a blogging whiz so I thought for those people on the same page as me, creating some Blogging guides will ease some of you into the Blogosphere and teach you some of the things that I have learnt in my blogging process.

Something else I am really excited about is the Media Industry categoryMy degree at University is Media and I am waiting to get myself into the industry itself, so I thought I would document a few things about my journey. This includes the work experience I have done, tips on how to get yourself known or how to score yourself some fab placements and some interviews with some of the industries finest.

The Entertainment tab is split into TV and Music – my two favourite things – to make it easier to navigate between the two.

And I even have an About Me page which tells you all the boring bits about me and who I have worked with, making it a bit more personal.

Under Fashion you can shop my Wishlist and also shop What is in my Makeup Bag underneath the beauty tab.

I hope you all love the new site as much as I do. It has taken a lot of time and patience to get it to where it is, and I’m still messing around with some new features. A big thank you to the support from everyone and the help I have received from Pipdig.

Here’s to something new!





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