Harry Styles // Tour

If you thought the One Direction phase was over, unfortunately it is not.

A couple of weeks ago Charlotte and I ventured to the Eventim Apollo to see our first solo concert for since the band decided to split.

Of course, it was to see Harry Styles. And what a treat it was.

It comes as no shock for anyone if I mention the endless screaming that Harry has greeting him as he appeared on the stage. The curtain dropped as he began to sing ‘Ever Since New York‘. The whole place erupted.

He played all of the songs from his album and even threw in One Direction covers of ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘ and ‘Stockholm Syndrome‘¬†which sent the crowd into a frenzy!

Covers of ‘Just A Little Bit of Your Heart‘ by Ariana Grande which Harry co-wrote for her and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain‘ were also covered.

We were fortunate enough to see him perform ‘Kiwi’ twice as the crowd would not give up chanting and even Harry himself gave in. This song proves to be a favourite as people were even throwing actual Kiwi’s onto the stage!

My favourite tracks from the album have to be ‘Woman’, ‘Two Ghosts’ and ‘Kiwi’. They were equally as amazing live.

It is so nice that the band are still keeping to their roots by staying within the music industry and producing music. It is even better seeing them take their own paths and produce the music they want too.

Harry seemed at home on the stage performing his own tracks, applying his charm into his set, entertaining the crowd before him. Credit to him for being such a wonderful performer.

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