Kiss X Pixie Lott Event

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a press event last Friday with Alex Silver for Pixie Lott X Kiss. This was my first ever blogging event which made me a little apprehensive but it proved to be much better than expected.

For those who are unaware, Kiss do some fab press on nails and false lashes. They are such great quality kits to be used at home so you don’t have to lug yourself out of your bed to make a laws or nail appointment. What a bonus. They make the dreaded jobs of nails or lashes so easy!

Charlotte and I  headed to the Cuckoo Club in Mayfair where the event was being held. We met Aileen outside too and it was great to spend the day with her too. We were welcomed with music, cocktails and a chocolate fountain as well as stations for lashes, nails and henna.

I decided to get some of my favourite lashes from the True Volume range, Ritzy. These lashes are so easy to apply and are great if you have sensitive eyes like mine. I highly recommend trying this range if you want more volume and length in your lashes.

We chatted to the lovely Pixie Lott for a while discussing our favourite products, the event and wanted to know where on earth she got such a pretty dress from!

After a few more drinks, dancing and singing, we headed over to the photobooth for some snaps with Pixie.

A big congratulations to Alex Silver for hosting such a wonderful event that everybody loved. It was a pleasure to be invited to such a cool event!

Kiss imPress Nails are exclusive to Superdrug and Kiss Lashes are available to buy from Boots, Superdrug and Asda.



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