20 Great Things // Turning 20

I’ve hit the grand old age of 20. My teens are officially over.

Feel very nostalgic about it really. I had some of the best years as a teenager but I think being in my 20’s is about to top it. Some big life decisions are coming my way in these years and I am so excited to see what the future holds.

Last year I wrote my first birthday post where I noted my 19 great things that had happened since my previous birthday. This year I’ve decided to do the same post again but for my 20th year!


I had what felt like the longest summer ever. I finished University pretty early around Easter and did not go back to until the end of September! This time off meant I could do lots of exploring, photography and relaxing. I cannot wait for next summer to do the same all over again in the sunshine.


I finished my first year of University and it totally flew by. I have loved doing work associated with something I am really passionate about and have taken this with me into second year. I was very happy with my final result and having Sophie and Brooke with me everyday has made the year so much more bearable.


Back in August George and I went on our first holiday together which was filled with a lot of laughs and rock excursions. We had the best time away and made some great memories. Looking back at pictures makes me wish we were climbing rocks and paddling in the sea all over again.


In the past year I have had a more career mind-frame than ever. For anyone who speaks to me about it, they must be sick of me!

I am seeing work experience and advice from those who are in my dream job roles as much as I can to the point of being borderline annoying! I am so determined to end up where I want to go and the things I have done in the past year have made this much more clearer to me. I’m looking forward to seeing where my twenties takes me in terms of the world of work!


I think I’ll always include it in my favourite memories because it is simply my favourite time of the year. I’m such a big kid and love the Christmas spirit. This was George and I’s first Christmas together which was so exciting because I finally had someone to drag around doing Christmas activities with me.


After 2 years of attempting, I finally passed my driving test. For two years it was such a struggle for me and what a huge relief  it was. It felt like such a massive reward for the constant hard work I was putting in.

I was lucky enough to get my first car too which I love driving now. I think it’s so weird that I actually own a car lol. Driving around now makes my test feel like it was a long time ago!


Spending a week in Cyprus with my family was amazing. I cannot even begin to explain how much I love Cyprus. Everything about is is perfect and I am so glad we got to experience it as a family. Fingers crossed we get to go back!


What a wonderful year it’s been for my concert-going activities. I’ve managed to cram in Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Olly Murs, Busted, Green Day and The 1975.

I had wanted to see Green Day for a while now so it was a dream come true to see them. For the likes of Busted, well what can I say, 5 year old me will never change.

I’m so looking forward to seeing Harry agin next year as well as Niall and Michael Bublé (so in love with Bublé).


George and I celebrated spending a year together. It’s crazy how fast a year flew by and when I’m writing this it’s closer to 2 years! I don’t know how he’s put up with me but it’s been the best I could ask for.


A lot of us have come and gone in the past year but working with everyone has been such a highlight for me. We have all had some seriously funny moments that will stay with me for a long time. We have supported each other through a lot and it is the best feeling having people that can turn your awful 12-9 shift around with laughter.

I’m lucky to have such great friends who make a retail job not as bad as it sounds.



Instead of paying out a lot of money to do work experience as often as I can, I decided to set my own up from the comfort of my home! I have taken the girls under my blogging wing and have helped them with some amazing opportunities. I couldn’t be more prouder of them all.


The wait was finally over and we went back to America at the start of the year. It is one of my holiday destinations ever and I am so lucky to have paid another visit. Spending the whole two weeks with Charlotte and her family this time around made the trip full of more laughter than ever.

Being back in Disneyland was wonderful. I could honestly spend every day there taking photos and going on rides. I cannot wait to go back again!


It’s hard to believe I even lived in halls now, it feels like forever ago. St. George’s will forever hold memories for us and it is the place I met some wonderful friends. As much as I hated it about 80% of the time, struggled to cook dinner and was sweltering hot, I actually do miss living with my friends.


I did my first professional weeks work experience in London and I totally loved it. It opened up doors for me in terms of giving me the confidence to apply for more of these opportunities as well as experiencing what the world of work in the city is like. Certainly can say I have a buzz for it now!


My first blogging event was everything I expected and more. I was so apprehensive about what it would be like but everyone was so welcoming. It made it even more special to share the evening with Aileen and Charlotte as well as Pixie Lott. I couldn’t have asked for a better first event to go too.


After around a year of blogging, things finally started to take off for me. I have worked with a variety of brands and PR’s on some exciting content which has boosted my confidence a great deal. I am so lucky to receive some amazing opportunities and I am grateful to all the brands I have worked with in the past year.


I have been a bit of a Brighton lover this summer. George and I visited for the day and I went back with Charlotte and a group of friends to celebrate her birthday. There is so much to do in Brighton, there is never a dull moment. I love coming back and visiting the seaside town.

Also this is the point where I have to mention my good friend Professor Roy Fluffchops and how much I need one of my own.


I have been blogging now for over a year. It is crazy how quickly the time goes but within a year so much improvement has happened, I got my own URL, went self-hosted and have never been more invested in it. I am so excited to see how things change and see where it takes me next year.


Spending time with some of the people that have known you since you were a little goon at the age of 14 is the best. There is so much to look back on and laugh and it is even better when they were the ones doing it along with you. It’s been loving catching up with old friends and making new memories together.


I really struggled with the difference between writing at school and writing at university. Seeing people around me getting firsts and I was still stuck with my 2:1 was so frustrating because I just couldn’t grasp what I had to do to achieve better. It took me majority of first year to work out how to perfect the technique of getting a first and after what felt like forever trying, I finally opened up my submission to see one staring back at me.

So here is to getting another year older!

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