What Happened in December

I was not wrong in November. I said expect a very Christmassy ‘What Happened in December’. December is one of my favourite months due to the festivities and Christmas spirt that accompanies it. I just love everything Christmas.

So what happened in December? First of all it was my work Christmas party. I was impressed with the winter wonderland we were met with when walking through to the main venue, it added a nice touch. I loved being surrounded by my friends as we laughed (a lot) and danced the night away. I always have to big up my work pals when I have a chance because they really are something special.

Charlotte and I stayed over Tish and Ellie’s which was lovely for us to have a catch up, eat pizza (and call back Pizza Hut to send the delivery guy back out to give us our garlic dip) and talk till the early hours of the morning.

I finished University for the Christmas period which I was so relived about. December is basically the half-way point, so the end of the road for second year is near. I received some grades back that I was extremely happy with. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year!

George and I spent a lot of time together this Christmas to make up for the last couple of months where we have only seen each other for a few days every couple of weeks. It was nice to be back in the comforts of home and our normal routine. We had a Christmas evening together and ate ourselves silly with Christmas snacks as well as exchanging presents. We have so many exciting experiences set for this year and I cannot wait. We also had a late Christmas gathering with his family which was full of games, competitive darts and pool.

I spent the first half of Christmas Day at home and then visited my Auntie’s with the rest of my family where I enjoyed a big roast dinner (the best part of Christmas obvs).

Moving onto all things online: George and I started Peaky Blinders and now the obsession has begun. We are on Season 4 so no spoilers plz. Safe to say it is one of the best series I have ever watched and I can totally understand the hype. Currently cannot get enough of What Olivia Did at the mo, she’s joined Hannah Gale on my list of favourite bloggers. I didn’t find myself getting as sucked in as usual with Vlogmas this year but I did watch my favourites on a daily basis: Zoella and Tanya Burr.

To offline: Despite the Christmas period being over, I am still trying to keep it going with my Tanya’s Christmas book, which I am loving. I have also just started Giovanna Fletcher’s Some Kind of Wonderful. I am trying my hardest to find time to read for pleasure this year! I love a board game and I have found a new favourite – 5 Second Rule. It is a must for a family games night. Just have to add in a few foodie faves: Tangerines, Chocolate Orange (alternative to a healthy tangerine) and Boursin Garlic and Herbs Cheese.

As for January, I have not got too much planned. I do not start back at University till the very end of the month so will be visiting George before I go back. I get to see Paramore tomorrow which I am very excited about (blog post coming soon). I’m returning back to my fitness classes after a (very) long Christmas break with much food, I am not looking forward to panting and being red in the face after one song.

What are you doing next month?

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