YouTubers Worth Subscribing To

Everybody loves a YouTube binge and I can hold my hands up to being one of those people that gets sucked in and has to watch video after video. I’ve been a lover of YouTube for the past 8 years now and have grown through my teenage years watching various YouTubers on the internet.

Now I’ve hit my 20’s, YouTube is now a profession for many and my viewing habits have changed. I’ve moved on from watching people sit behind a camera and do accent challenges to watch interior design, styling, book chat and in general more adult topics.

I’ve made a list of YouTubers worth subscribing to if you to are like me and have started to invest your viewing time in something that is a little bit more worthy.



I love watching Liv and reading her blog because she is actually someone who I’d love to be friends with. By watching her videos I feel we have a lot in common and I can relate to her. I love hearing about the latest books she has been reading as many she talks about end up on my reading list. She has a great sense of fashion too!



I have always been subscribed to Lily as early as I can remember. Since starting University, she was my port of call. I can spend hours watching her videos back to back. I feel she is what I class as a proper working woman and it inspires me. She has such a talent for camera work too which makes everything she does so aesthetically pleasing.



Anna is again, one of those proper working women I aspire to be like. Everything she films is done with so much passion and I love that about her videos. I also love watching Anna and Lily together too, they make some great content!



I started watching Megan before Christmas and she has such an addictive personality, I just cannot get enough of her. I love how she takes risks with her fashion and isn’t afraid to be different.



I started watching Lucy’s University videos before exploring her content some more and discovering that she is a very inspiring young woman. She is so real and isn’t afraid to speak up abut topics that are controversial. The internet needs more people like Lucy.



I think Victoria is at the top of every girls ‘I wannabe her‘ list. Her content is mainly fashion based as well as some blogs thrown in. Victoria is certainly the one to check out if you need any style or beauty inspiration.



Suzie is someone I have been watching for the past six months and have become obsessed with so quickly. Like Liv, she is someone who I’d love to be friends with! She seems so friendly and I love her thumbnails, she definitely has an eye for design.



After reading Alix’s blog, I decided to give her YouTube videos a go. I only recently have started watching her content and love it so far. I certainly will be keeping up with her videos this year.

Who do you like to watch on YouTube?


  1. January 26, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    I don’t tend to watch much on YouTube blogger wise so I’ll have to check these out, thanks.

    • natalieamos
      January 26, 2018 / 3:19 pm

      You’re welcome! A lot of these all have blogs too that are totally worth checking out 😊

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