Otegha Uwagba // The Little Black Book

A lot of you would have seen this little pink book before, whether it be in the background of blog photos or featured in a ‘what’s in my bag’. It witholds all the information you need if you are a woman wanting a creative career or if you are already in one.

Otegha Uwagba is the founder of Women Who, a platform for working women where she shares her experiences within the creative industries and provides advice.

I was surprised when it turned up that it was only 83 pages long but the information inside surely did not disappoint. I shouldn’t have judged the book by its cover!

She discusses relevant topics such as ways to maximise productivity, overcoming creative blocks, building your brand, public speaking, money, networking, learning new skills and looking after yourself. All of these topics are relevant if you work in the creative industry as they will be applicable to whatever your career is one way or another. It opens your eyes to see things from outside your bubble and compare your journey and take Otegha’s advice.

For those who are starting out in the industry then it provides some ground rules that should be followed in order to help you maximise your success. I certainly will be referring back to this book whilst at university and once I get into the big wide world of work.

This book is a must read if you are a working woman who needs some inspirational advice and guidance in your career. I can totally see why it is a New York Times Best Seller!

The Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women is available to buy from Amazon.

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