7 Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

Do you love  a good Netflix TV show binge? So do I. over Christmas I have had a lot of time on my hands so decided to take the plunge and indulge in some TV shows.

Mostly what I’ve been watching is crime/murder related (promise I am not a serial killer or anything) but all of the below have had me hooked.

Take a read of the shows that I think you must watch on Netflix…


Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a classic. It is about a gang in Birmingham in the 1920’s who are about making a lot of money. Everything about the show is amazing. It is one of those really well made BBC dramas, that’s when you know you cannot go wrong. It follows the life of the Shelby family, family focusing on Thomas, and their experiences in money making. Series 1-3 are on Netflix but the rest are on BBC iPlayer if you become and addict like myself.


13 Reasons Why

This series has some very serious underlying messages but it is extremely eye opening. It shows 13 Reasons why teenager Hannah Baker committed suicide. Each tape is about someone who pushed her to take her own life, suggesting that we should think before we act or speak because we do not know what someone is going through.


Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a n incredibly well-made show that discusses the idea of clones. It is incredibly well made with one actress portraying all of the different clones that are featured. Sarah tries to save her own life as well as those of her sisters (/clones?). Very confusing but worth the watch.


Fresh Meat

Now for something a little less murder/death related. Fresh Meat is about one university students being forced to live together and what they get up too. Some elements are so realistic having been in this position myself which make it ten times funnier. Certainly one to watch and relate too if you’re at uni yourself.


Bates Motel

Ok straight up, Bates Motel is weird and messed up. It follows the story of the Bates family and how Norman has psychological issues and ends up becoming a serial killer. If you’re into your American dramas then this is one to watch.


The Killing

A murder is told through Sarah, a police detective’s, eyes as she discovers how it took place and what happened. There are a few series and each one focuses on a new murder storyline. I love a police investigation drama and found The Killing very gripping.


The End of the F**king World

I’ve just finished this series and I finished it within 2 days. It is ideal if you have a short attention span as each episode is no longer than 20 minutes, plus there is only 8 of them. The storyline is about two kids that go on the run and get themselves into trouble along the way. I have been seeing everybody’s comments on social media about the ending and I can totally agree there needs to be a season 2!

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