What Happened in January

January feels like the longest month of my life. It feels like it dragged out for an eternity and I am relived we are now into February.

So what happened in January? First of all I have had the whole month off from University which has been a pleasure. I submitted all my assignments over Christmas and have had a few peaceful weeks off with no stress of work. Although I’ve now been back for a week and getting used to being back after so much time off is a struggle.

I stayed with George in Reading for a few days and our priority was obviously Peaky Blinders which we finished quicker than expected and now are heartbroken that we have no more to watch cries.

Dad and I went to see Paramore which was one of my bucket list experiences I can finally tick off as they are a band I have loved since starting secondary school. I have now seen Hayley Williams in the flesh and I am satisfied.

I went to my first football match with my Dad too. I actually really enjoyed watching the match and will be returning back for another game (and a few pints of Dark Fruits) soon.

Moving onto all things online: I cannot get enough of The Anna Edit at the mo. I was engrossed in her New Zealand trip blog post and it’s made me want to visit NZ ASAP to squeeze in everything she did (minus the bungee). Also loving the house renovation updates from Anna. I love her style and her interior proves she sure has an eye for that too. I recently watched the The End of the F**king World which was totally gripping. Recommend a watch. I’ve also managed to get stuck into Big Little Lies and I am about 3/4 of the way though that too.

And to all things offline: I purchased The Little Black Book and fave that a read on the train and thoroughly enjoyed the inspirational words of….. I’ve also been reading Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher which was a pleasure to read. I cried. I smiled. I just love her work.

As for February I am looking forward to a lot. I am attending the RTS Careers Fair which I hope will bring some insight to some future careers for me. It is Pancake Day too = favourite day of the year where I indulge myself in pancakes. George and I are going for a Valentine’s lunch. And my other favourite day The BRITs is happening eeeeeeeek.

What are you doing next month?

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