Why I Feel Like Uni is Holding Me Back

I feel I am going slightly insane.

I spend 3/7 days a week at university. 2/7 days sat at home. 2/7 days at work.
And repeat.
And repeat.
And repeat.

It is starting to feel like an on-going cycle that I’m trapped in.

So as you’ve gathered from the title, my biggest crisis at the moment is the fact I feel like uni is holding me back. Holding me back from excelling in a career I want, from applying to my dream jobs that only want full-time candidates, from finding an internship, from everything I want to do.

I am a strong believer in experience being the key to success. No matter what qualifications you have or who you know, it will always come down to what experience you have previously gained.

I know deep down that I might feel like uni is preventing me from doing what I want to do, but it could actually really benefit me in years to come. So I’m trying my best to zip my lips and stop getting frustrated with it.

Obviously I’m not going to drop out of uni to waltz off into London. I’ve come so far it, I’m closer to the end than the beginning.

But it is difficult. As a creative person, I want to be out there being as busy as I possibly can with projects, clients, events.

Having so much passion and drive in a career is something I love and have always hoped would continuously stick with me as I got older and not get lost when growing up. Looking at it now, it was never going to get lost. It’s just getting more intense and I’m hungry to get into the city and make something of myself.

I understand that I am still young, still learning and that I shouldn’t waste these years of university away because I’ll never be in education again after graduating, but I don’t think for the next year and half that I’ll be able to shake the feeling of being held back off.

I’m still applying for jobs that I know will not even consider a part-timer due to university commitments, I’m still begging for internships and I’m still using my blog as a place to store my creativity whilst I wait for the day I am a free woman.

Anyway, this post of stress, worry and deep thought is coming to an end.

I just needed somewhere to dump the feeling of what feels like my never ending life cycle and get it off my chest.

Currently feeling better for it.

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