Giovanna Fletcher // Some Kind of Wonderful

If you haven’t seen already, I am obsessed with anything that Giovanna Fletcher writes.

For Christmas I had to ask for her latest book, Some Kind of Wonderful to add to my collection. And yes, I did freak out when I realised my Mum had bagged me a signed copy.

So for January, it became my book for the month. I’d tuck myself into bed every night flicking through as many pages as I could before nodding off.

I thought I’d do a little summary (without giving too much away). Lizzie has been with her boyfriend for a long time and just wants to get married but things take a turn for the worst. She goes on a journey to try to better herself, get over her heartbreak and rediscover who she was before she fell in love.

This book is a great read if you are feeling a bit lost in yourself due to being dragged down by an ex, if you have just come out of a relationship or if you just fancy a good old read. It is suitable for everyone and gives you a great encouragement for picking yourself up.

Giovanna certainly wrote this with intentional girl power and that is the kind of book I am loving at the moment.

I’ve recommended Some Kind of Wonderful to so many people in the last few weeks and once they have started it they haven’t been able ti put it down – I promise you that!

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