What Happened in February

So we are now into March, February is now done and dusted. A very snowy end to February to say the least!

So what happened in February?

At the start of the month Elana, Matt, Sophie, Charlotte and I went to London to attend the RTS Careers Fair. Safe to say the one thing I have learnt that maybe the TV avenue isn’t for me. I think it has opened my eyes to make me realise that I do actually want to go into the talent sector. We also visited the Science Museum, took a trip to Ask Italian and also had a photoshoot by a pink wall. Thats what dreams are made of.

Pancake Day meant pancakes for breakfast and dinner. I also grew the balls this year to attempt to flip my pancake successfully and got it in the pan (sort of, well and the floor).

Valentine’s Day also came around very quickly. George and I visited the Ambrette for a lovely three course lunch. Certainly one for those who like Indian style food to visit. We later sent to Spoons in the evening for some food and a drink and visited a pub and played dominoes.

We met for lunch with Harry which was so nice to have a catch up with him as I hadn’t actually seen him since we moved out of halls. Obviously Spoons was our preferred choice.

In regards to excited business related things, our first meeting for Mairsy Lets Talk happened! We worked out what we want to do and where we want to take it and the wheels are now in motion. I cannot wait to see what exciting things happen!

Moving to all things online: The Brits happened. Yes it is my favourite. This year I was backing Dua Lipa and was so happy she bagged herself the awards she did. She certainly deserved them! I have also started writing for the University Unified which is bringing me new opportunities to get my written work out there.

Moving to all things offline: I have need very engrossed in my reading recently, to the point I am going to bed very late (sorry Mum!). February’s book has taken me over into March at the moment as I have been busy doing other things, but I started Me Before You. I loved the film so getting into the book is easier than I thought.

More exciting book talk. LILY PEBBLES THE F WORD FINALLY ARRIVED. I cannot wait to get suck into this book, I have had it on my reading list ever since it’s announcement and cannot believe I have a copy sat on my bedside table waiting for me to jump in. Very excited.

I also purchased The Girl on The Train and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine which look to be exciting reads for the months to come.

As for March, it is full of deadlines for university as we are edging closer and closer to the end of second year! Also myself and Charlotte are having an overnight stay in Brighton to see Niall Horan (fangirls) at the end of the month!

What are you doing next month?

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