Why I Am Not A Fan of Clubbing

This is a topic I’ve felt the need to pen down for a while.

Why I no longer and a massive fan of clubbing, going ‘out’ or whatever you fancy calling it these days.

I know I sound like a right Granny at the age of 20 with that statement, but its true. I’d rather be sat at home with a good old episode of Eastenders, followed by whatever Trevor McDonald crime series is on next with a cuppa tea and if I’m feeling peckish, some KP salted nuts (yep, even more Granny).

I’m not sure if it was the fact I went out near enough every weekend once I turn 18, or the fact I went on a party holiday, or that I completely out-done myself on freshers, but I feel as thought I’m past ‘that stage‘.

Its not that I don’t like drinking because I love a gin and lemonade, but it is more the fact I hate the environment. Give me a house party and I’ll be there. Give me a club and I will think twice.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do go out clubbing now and again (very rarely) when I feel I am capable of tackling the club scene, but 99% of the time it is a no from me.

There are multiple factors that make up the whole ‘anti-clubbing’ protest that I currently have.

Firstly lets start with the late nights.

I don’t think I physically have it in me anymore to not be in my pyjamas past the time of 10 o’clock. In my eyes, it just isn’t acceptable. Yet alone wearing a skimpy dress, heels and taking no jacket because I cannot be bothered to pay for the cloakroom or carry it.

Secondly is the expense.

Paying an entrance fee is something I am so reluctant doing. I don’t know why, it just seems so pointless in my eyes. Then there are the drinks. If you choose to go out on a weekend then the drinks prices are maxed up and that isn’t good when you’re a poor student.

Next up is the atmosphere and environment.

The thought of the sticky floor, sick (and wee on the floor) in the loos and creepy men getting in your dancing zone instantly puts me off. That is usually my first thought when the words “oh we are going out, you coming?” are mentioned. I’d much rather be sat having a chat to my friends where I can actually hear them over the music in a pub or having a glass of wine indoors with my feet up.

The fact you can never be just a girl having fun.

Men always think because you in a club with a drink in your hand and having a dance with your mates that you are single and want some fun. This is not the case. Some girls may go out for that but majority of us don’t. We actually just want to have fun with our friends without being approached and bugged to come dance with whoever is trying to get our attention.

So this is my call to those who enjoy clubbing, sometimes other people don’t. This doesn’t make them boring or that they hate drinking. They just might prefer sitting in a pub or having a drink at home.

Those of you that hate it, then we are in the same boat. It is alright not to go out, it is alright to hate it and it certainly ok to say no.

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