Top Tips for Getting Work Experience

I’ve always loved doing work experience since I did my first placement whilst studying for my GCSE’s, but more recently the big wide world of work is creeping up slowly. I thought seeing as I had free time at University I may as well make use of it and get some work experience related to the industries I want to work in.┬áBeing a bit of a media studies geek, I have always known since a young age that there is nothing else I want to do for a job than something involving media. I know that it is such a competitive market and for the ┬ádream jobs I want within some of the big name companies, I need as much experience as I can. I’ve narrowed down my top tips of how I’ve managed to get myself some placements in the heart of London.


One of my University module assignments was to create a CV and LinkedIn profile which sounds like fun, but when talking about yourself, it it can be difficult. I loved LinkedIn so much when I signed up that I couldn’t stop adding things to my profile as they had so many different sub categories to add all of your information in. If you are struggling to write a CV I would recommend using LinkedIn to gather al of your information in one place and then start building your CV from there. The site acts as a great template for this and your future employers will also take a look so make sure it is professional and up to date.


It doesn’t matter if you did work experience or had a job previously and it is not based on the industry you want to go into. Any experience companies see on your CV or LinkedIn show that you have learnt previous skills from these roles. I include working in a nursery and my retail job on my CV!


If you want to get into one main company then drop them an email with your CV and cover letter asking for some experience, it is always worth a shot. Research into smaller companies that offer the same thing as your main company and send them an email too. You are more likely to get somewhere with them and once this experience has been done, you can add it onto your CV and email the original company you wanted again! Companies are more likely to take you on if you have previous experience in a similar company or industry.


Never give up on your dream job, with a lot of experience you will eventually get there one day. Even if that means years and years worth of experience at other places. It will still all add up and get you somewhere in the end.

Hope you find my tips useful and get yourself some cracking work experience placements!

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