Growing Up with Stretch Marks

This is a topic I know will be appreciated by many. Stretch marks are far more common with young girls than you think. I think about 90% of the women I speak to have suffered from stretch marks in their teens.

I started to notice mine when I was around 14/15 and had no idea where they had come from. I had them across my bum, my boobs and the inside of my thighs. My mum said it was just my body adapting to the fact I was turing from a ‘girl’ into a ‘woman’, which was right. My body was growing faster than my skin expected, causing these marks.

They were an insecurity for me. These big white horrid lines that indented my skin. I still didn’t really understand what they were and why I had them. They looked horrible. They ended up becoming something I always wanted covered by my clothes. I used Bio Oil religiously every night in hope that it would help the scarring fade (if you haven’t purchased a bottle of this then you must, it will be your saviour!).

In the past I’ve had them pointed out, been told “well you’ve got stretch marks” by boys (thanks very much) which automatically must mean that I have something wrong with me? This caused me major confidence issues seeing as I was wearing a bikini on holiday when I kindly got insulted about my appearance.

But as I’ve discovered it’s natural to get stretch marks, most women suffer from it in their lives.¬†Whether it be as a teen, during pregnancy or as they age…it’s normal.

Over time, mine have faded partially (thank you trust Bio Oil) but they are still there. They still are on my body. I can see them vaguely or feel the indents when I run my hand over my skin.

If I have learnt anything from growing up with stretch marks it is to be proud of who you are. Wear what you like because stretch marks are perfectly normal and a representation of what your body has gone through. It is hard to shut out comments about stretch marks but just remember, more people have gone through it than you think and they they eventually fade over time!

Have you suffered with confidence issues because of stretch marks?

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