Pumpkin Picking

Last week we took a trip to the Pick Your Own Pumpkin patch at Mersham to select our perfect Halloween pumpkins to carve this year. It has been a tradition now for the last few years that we hand pick our pumpkins and got those Instagram pictures obviously.

This year Lauren, Charlotte and myself paid a visit and braved the cold and what started out to be a very miserable rainy day.

Pick Your Own Pumpkin this year decided to put some crates around the field with pre-picked pumpkins that were perfect incase you couldn’t be bothered to wander around the field or if you wanted a specific shape. There were also crates with warty, white, blue and red pumpkins in which were a nice alternative to the normal orange and would look great on display.

I highly recommend Pick Your Own Pumpkin if you are from around the Kent area.

Below are a few shots we managed to get before nearly freezing to death. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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