Turning 21

So a couple of weeks ago I turned 21…

T w e n t y – f l i p p i n g – o n e

I had the best weekend celebrating with my favourite people as I (Mum and Dad) decided that it was about time I threw a party. At first I was adamant I did not want a party, I am not the kind of girly girl to dress up in pink and love the attention on me (I could not think of anything worse than a big room of people singing Happy Birthday to me). My mind was soon shifted after deciding the best way to avoid it being so serious – FANCY DRESS!

After months and months of party planning, in and out of fancy dress shops and decoration buying, the 24th finally rolled around and the day was here. Not going to lie, I felt like I was going to throw up all day because I was terribly nervous as I had never held anything like this before. But I threw on my Mad Hatter costume as Lily painted my face and Charlotte curled my hair and formed the greatest costume that even I was impressed with.

It would be rude not to document such a brilliant evening so from here on will be pictures of one of my favourite nights of my life. Thank you to everyone for making my day so special and living up to some excellent fancy dress. So much love x

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